A beauty PageBuilder Add-on for creating particles inside your sections.

Default Style

Bubble Style

Nasa Style

Snow Style

Cat Style

Content Fields

Define the list of particle ids.

Setting Description
Styles Select particle style
Section ID A text field used for section id
Value Default: 80, Nasa: 160, Bubble: 160. Snow: 400, Nyan: 400.
Color Add custom color for particle
Shape Shape types: "circle", "edge", "triangle", Style Bubble: Polygon, "star"
Size Default: 3, Nasa: 3, Bubble: 20. Snow: 10, Nyan: 4
Line Linked Add Line Linked color for particle
Speed of particles movement Enter the speed of particles movement. Default Style: Default - 6, Nasa - 1, Bubble - 8, Nyan - 14, Snow - 6.
Out Mode Choose the mode when particles touch the edge
Direction Mode Choose the direction mode when particles appear: "none, top, top-right, right, bottom-right, bottom, bottom-left, left, top-left