Create toggleable notifications that fade out automatically. Take a look the bottom-left to see the banner message.

Notification Settings

Notification settings, learn more about the notification add-on settings. Here is a short overview.

Setting Description
Title A text field used for button title.
Message A text field for the main text blocks.
Icon An icon field with an icon selector.
Button style Easily create nice looking buttons, which come in different styles.
Position Select one of the following parameters to adjust the notification's position to different corners.
Notification Style A notification can be styled by adding a status to the message to indicate a primary, success, warning or a danger status.

General Settings

General settings, which are the same across all add-ons, are grouped in a General section at the bottom. Here is a short overview.

Setting Description
Margin Keep the existing vertical margin (e.g. from headings), force specific margin or remove all margin. Margins of an element can be removed from the top and bottom.
Remove top margin. Use this option to remove the add-on's top margin
Remove bottom margin. Use this option to remove the add-on's bottom margin
Alignment This option specifies the alignment of an add-on according to the surrounding element
Text Breakpoint Define the device width from which the alignment will apply.
Animation Overwrite the animation settings from the section. This won't have any effect unless animations are enabled for the add-on (default support 16 animation effects)
Visibility Define when the add-on should be hidden.
CSS Class If you wish to style a particular content element differently, then use this field to add a class name and also refer to it in your css file.